Let’s Shape the Future Together

At the IMA, we seek those who want to make a dent in the universe.

We are advancing ideas that will have a profound impact on the landscape of therapeutics and on human health. We seek experts from various scientific domains, including medicinal chemistry, protein engineering, gene therapies, regulatory affairs, and beyond.

Join us in accelerating the translation of research discoveries into new medicines while expanding our knowledge of human biology

“The IMA team is the heart of our operation. This passionate group of people makes me optimistic about the future of medicine for all.”

Elizabeth Ponder

Executive Director

Employee Benefits

Health Benefits

Your Health is Your Wealth

No matter your age, if you’re on your own or the head of a household, managing your health with confidence is key to thriving. Our high-quality health care options help you navigate the joys, challenges and responsibilities that come with any life stage—so you can focus on living a full and healthy life, whatever that looks like to you.

  • 5 Health plans with coverage that fits your needs
  • 3 Health savings and spending account options

Holistic Wellness

We Prioritize Wellness so You Can Too

We’ve been into wellness since before it was cool. From our world-class exercise facilities where you can grab a lunchtime workout to sustainability and environmental responsibility programs that make it easy to live your values, we make holistic wellness a priority, so you can, too.

  • 20+ Recreational facilities
  • 18+ Mental health and wellness programs

Time Away

Be Exactly Where You Need to Be

We know the most important days in your life may be the ones you spend out of the office. So whether you need to recharge, get well or care for a family member, our leave package is designed to help you focus on the not-work things that matter most. So take that dream vacation, spend that holiday unplugged and present, and take that time to bond with your family’s newest arrival.

  • 18+ PTO/Vacation days per year
  • 6 Weeks of family leave at 100% of your base pay

Work-Life Integration

Spend Time on What Matters

No matter where you are in life, each stage comes with new demands on your time. And our lifestyle support helps you manage it all with less stress. From child care resources, parent education, elder or caregiving support and transportation programs, our approach is why Stanford was named one of the top five employers, nationally, for work-life balance and job satisfaction by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • 17+ Transportation programs and resources
  • 7+ On-site child care facilities available to you

Retirement Savings

We’re Invested in Your Future

What better way to say “thank you” for investing in Stanford’s future than by investing in yours? Our retirement planning benefits include 1:1 financial counseling, retirement savings plans and other services to help you prepare for a good life after Stanford— whether that’s years away or just around the corner.

  • Up to 5% of your base pay contributed automatically to your 403(b) + a generous match
  • 100%of your retirement account is fully vested immediately

Continued Education

Learning is Our Life’s Work

We’re passionate about continuous learning and professional development because we know that developing our people directly impacts our ability to innovate and shape a better future for all. We invest in your professional and personal growth through a collection of programs, grants and resources that allow you to further your career, achieve your loftiest goals and aspire to a lifetime of learning.

  • $6,000+in tuition and training assistance annually
  • Up to 50%of Stanford’s annual tuition cost applied to your child’s undergraduate tuition