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Entrepreneur-in-residence launches cancer biotech

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About the Project

In her doctoral research, Miller and collaborators prototyped a fully synthetic bifunctional cancer immunotherapy, composed of a tumor-targeting peptide (PIP) conjugated to an immunostimulant (CpG). The resulting immunotherapy agent, referred to as PIP-CpG, showed strong tumor regression capacity in multiple models of cancer. With support from the IMA, Dr. Miller was brought on as a postdoctoral Entrepreneur-in-residence and was able to further optimize the lead therapeutic and conduct several critical dose-range finding and safety studies for PIP-CpG. As of March 2024, Miller and team have spun this technology out into a company, TwoStep Therapeutics.

In the News

New cancer biotech emerges from Stanford research, with help of Nobel laureate Carolyn Bertozzi (Endpoints News)

TwoStep Therapeutics Launches with Funding to Advance Broadly Applicable Targeting Platform for Solid Tumors (Business Wire)


Caitlyn Miller

Principal Investigator

Mark Smith

Scientific Director

Sachin Jadhav

Program Manager