Our Impact

Universities don’t make drugs. With the help of scaling partners, IMA projects are advancing beyond the walls of Stanford toward solutions for patients.

Success Stories

With support from the IMA, projects that started at Stanford have made their way beyond our walls. IMA-supported products have been licensed to new spinout companies, licensed to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and advanced to nonprofit-backed clinical trials.

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Entrepreneur-in-residence launches cancer biotech

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New company tricks cancer cells into self-destructing

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Nobel laureate launches startup for new cancer immunotherapy

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New hope from old drugs for cystic fibrosis: startup explores combination therapy

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New depression biomarker enables clinical trial in precision therapies

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COVID-19 study sparks new company exploring first-in-class medicines for rare pulmonary diseases

New stable and affordable COVID vaccine could revolutionize global vaccine distribution

New drug candidate could make existing cancer immunotherapies more effective

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