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Nobel laureate launches startup for new cancer immunotherapy

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About the Project

Research from Dr. Bertozzi’s lab suggests that cancers alter sugar molecules on their surfaces in order to bind inhibitory receptors on immune cells and evade immune surveillance. They developed a new class of bispecifics that selectively target tumor-associated ligands for immune checkpoints. With funding from the IMA, the Bertozzi lab was able to scale up production of their lead bi-specific molecules, enabling studies to define mechanism of action and demonstrate proof-of-concept for their bi-specific in mouse models of cancer. In 2023, Dr. Bertozzi formed a company, Valora Therapeutics, to further develop these molecules as therapies for oncology and immune disorders.


Carolyn Bertozzi

Principal Investigator

Adrian Hugenmatter

Scientific Director

Sachin Jadhav

Program Manager