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New company tricks cancer cells into self-destructing

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About the Project

Studies over the past two decades have identified genes that drive the proliferation, survival and metastasis of most human cancers. These same cancer cells have intrinsic pathways of cell death that normally function to eliminate cells that have mutations or irreversible damage. Drs. Gray and Crabtree sought to identify a way to rewire the cellular circuitry to force cancer cells to kill themselves. Through that collaboration supported by the IMA, their labs invented a new class of molecules called transcriptional chemical inducers of proximity (TCIPs) as a treatment for lymphomas. They have incorporated a new company, Shenandoah Therapeutics, to further develop TCIPs to treat various cancers.

Recent News

Flipping a Switch and Making Cancers Self-Destruct (New York Times)


Nathanael Gray

Principal Investigator

Gerald Crabtree

Principal Investigator

Bruce Koch

Scientific Director